Sure MS Project is a powerful tool. However it is not suitable for agile projects. It’s not even suitable for software development at all.

MS Project is based on the waterfall method. It teaches users how to make complex and complete plans upfront. It makes the plans almost invisible for the team. It’s hard to track real progress and there are no backlogs. Sure it could be done with some efforts, but it’s not designed for it.

There are people that agree with me:
Why GANTT charts where banned in the first Scrum (by Jeff Sutherland)
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4 Responses to “Why MS Project Sucks…”

This is complete rubbish. I am a PM for a major IT consultancy with a global presence. You just have to have a plan to run earned value metrics, cost control, and resource utilisation and forecasting. No plan and you might as well say good bye to all this. Say good by to these cornerstones of project management and you might as well say good bye to your margin /profitability on a deal. Just bunk in my view. Need to read Clarety Agile Sucks. I realise that developers these days have had it with corrupt and incompetent managment but this is a dead end approach for any software house wanting to remain in business.

What truly bugs me about Project 2007 is that it can’t produce a visual of a project that fits on a sheet of paper and is worth a damn. My boss won’t spend $100 for Odessa MindMap that produces a quick mindmap that non-project managers can understand easily. “We have Visio” he says. Good grief.

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