I read this great article by Tobias Mayer where he describes how he has evolved Scrum into something that fits him (any many others) better than the process originally described in the first Scrum book.

Maybe we have seen the birth of agile Scrum, where evolution continues, in contrast to traditional Scrum, which was a snapshot in time.

Evolution cannot be stopped, it is eternal. Evolution was actually the reason why Scrum was invented in the first place, to replace the static traditional waterfall approach that had been around for too long, and replace it with a dynamic agile initiative, Scrum.

It’s interesting to hear that Tobias was actually fired from the Scrum Alliance because of his thoughts. Makes one wonder just how agile they are in their minds.

“When is Scrum not Scrum?” – Tobias’ article

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agile and scrum works well together