I have been a software consultant for more than 10 years, but my career as a software developer started much earlier. It must have been around Christmas in 1984, at the age of 14, that I got my first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

I sat down for two straight weeks during my holidays reading through all manuals and learning to program in BASIC. I was completely struck by the power I had at my fingertips. I remember making a holiday greetings card with some moving blocky graphics and beeping music that I showed to my stunned family. This is actually where my career as a software developer started.

I loved my Spectrum and continued writing code for it. This is btw also where my interest in computer gaming was born. Eventually I wanted more power so I got a Commodore-128 with a floppy disc station.

However it didn’t take long before they released the Amiga500 in 1987 and I just had to have one. I got an Amiga500 and again I was stunned at the power I had at my disposal, especially the graphics where way ahead of my friend’s early PC. By this time they had also introduced computers in school and I had run into the Swedish bestsellers ABC-80 and ABC-800 and of course PC/AT computers.

Towards the end of my senior high school (sve. gymnasium) I focused on computers and telecom and had learnt to program Pascal and C and a little Prolog. This is also where it became more serious and I got my first PC with a whopping 40MB hard drive and I also start my first company together with a couple of friends.

However when school ended we split up and the company disintegrated. Two years later, 1992, I started my university studies in computer science. Another four years and a masters degree later I had started another company where I combined small assignments with my studies. But after my exams I wanted to be employed as a consultant and so I have remained for more than 10 years.

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Those were the days – I too started my career with the ZX spectrum. I was inspired by reading sinclair user and hearing how the guys behind games such as head over heels and batman developed the games.

Btw there are some great spectrum emulators out there :)

:) There is not Softhouse like the Softhouse. Visit my pages and remember Sinclair ZX Spectrum.