Finally I got around to post my experiences from the last conference day. Actually thanks to Floyd Marinescu, co-organizer of QCon, who just asked if I didn’t attend the last day. :)

This posting is a slightly edited answer to his comment.

I didn’t have as high expectations for the last day, but I was pleasently surprised about some of the sessions, especially Dave Thomas did an amazing performance and also Joseph Pelrine had some really interesting stuff.

It was also my first Open Space experience. I was mostly observing
this time, but I will definitely contribute more the next time I get
the opportunity.

Unfortunately I missed Diana Larsens session, because I had to catch a
flight, but I look forward to seeing her on the Ă–resund Agile 2007
conference in Copenhagen 12-14 june, an arrangement by Softhouse. Look
it up! :)

All in all it was a great arrangement and I returned with loads of
inspiration and motivation that will keep me going for a long time.

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