I have a history of working as a CM for several projects, but have transferred towards agile methods, lean principles and process improvements, where my real interest lies. This mix of experiences inspired me a year ago to write a paper on the subject of agile CM.

I was recently asked by the editor of Methods and Tools, to write an article of my paper. When doing some research for this new article on “Lean CM” I stumbled upon a discussion of my former paper on CM Crossroads where Brad Appleton agreed with my conclusions and defended them against some other persons who were sceptics of the agile approach to CM. I guess people might feel a bit threatened when the traditional roles are questioned.

In the new article I’m writing I have a deeper discussion concerning the lean development principles connected to configuration management. I have still come to the same conclusions. My opinion is that the CM role should be adapted to the agile ideas and lean principles and my attitude towards CM is that it is a supporting discipline that should support projects and enable them to deliver customer value quicker. I don’t think CMs should sit around in projects doing daily operations that the team could do better off themselves. The CM should instead “sweep the road” ahead by creating a CM strategy that facilitates frequent deliveries, automating tools, etc.

I have sent a first draft to the editor and I will let you know when it is publicly available.

2 Responses to “An Agile Configuration Manager Removes Impediments for Development Teams”

Hi Jens!
I’d be interested in reviewing that paper if you are willing. In addition to the particular discussion you saw me participating in on CMCrossroads.com, my co-columnists and I have also been writing about applying Agile & Lean techniques to CM itself (and not just “CM” for Agile projects).

Among the more recent articles that might interest you for your upcoming paper are:

* Defining Agile SCM: Past, Present and Future , and …
* Lean-based Metrics for Agile CM Environments

You can find more articles at the AgileSCMArticles page of the cmwiki, but the above two are probably most relevant to you paper (as of this writing anyway :) .

Hi Brad,

I share your view that agile and lean should also be applied
explicitly on the CM discipline and not just trying to do traditional
CM in an agile environment. That’s my whole idea, which surprisingly
enough seems to be controversial to some. :)

Thanks for your comments and tips! I have sent a draft of the article for you to review. I really appreciate any feedback I can get.