Actually I quit already in the beginning of June July, but for some reason management didn’t want people to know until now. Perhaps because another one of the team leaders also quit at the same time (2 out of 3) and they didn’t think people could handle it if they didn’t present a new organization at the same time.

Anyway it has been pretty annoying that they wanted to keep it a secret for so long, while I have been forced to walk around lying to people, consuming my trust. This is also the reason my blog has been paralyzed for so long.

Why did I do this?
I have been at Softhouse for more than five years and found myself in a comfort zone. I realized that I had to look outside the company to get new challenges. It has been very challenging and developing to be part of the build up of the agile and lean business areas, but I find that the direction pointed out for the rest of the business being far too unclear for me. It’s hard to put up personal goals if you don’t know the direction of the company.

What will I do now?
After 11 years and numerous assignments as a consultant in southern Sweden I have seen most of the potential customers in the area, as well as some in Germany, France and India. Anyway I have decided to leave consulting and look elsewhere. I will be working for Novo Nordisk in Denmark. This gives me enough challenges: a different country, a different language and a different business. I will be a project manager at the Continuous Improvement & Innovation Center (CIIC), where I will be leading process improvement of global business processes according to LEAN principles. It is interestingly enough not an IT related position, however I will do my best to keep it within the LEAN and agile domains, transfering Scrum and agile thoughts outside of software development.

Novo Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company world leading in diabetes care. They have more than 23,000 employees in 79 countries.

5 Responses to “I just quit my job”

Good luck on your new job.

Tjena Jens. Lycka till med det nya!

Lycka till på det nya jobbet Jens! Komfortzonen är inget man vill stanna i för nya utmaningar ;)

It’s always good to hear of the brave few who quit there jobs for pastures green.. There are too many people wasting their lives in there own comfort zone and before they know where they are they have had an unwanted job for life.

You did make a brave this downtime economic crisis. Best wishes for your new job!