To make it even more clear that me and my family are going through major changes in our lives I decided to do a complete makeover of my blog.

First of all I have left Blogger in favor of a self-hosted WordPress blog, giving me much more flexibility and control. The import from Blogger to WordPress gave me some headaches and forced me to dust off some dormant tech skills, but now everything should be working as before; permalinks are the same and old feeds are redirected.

The issue with transferring to a new platform is that you wish to keep all old feed readers and don’t break any old links. I think I managed to do it except for one thing, my old atom feed refuses to be redirected and I have no idea why. I have to contact my ISP. If anyone finds more issues after my import please let me know.

Feedback on the graphical profile or anything else is most welcome. For all feed readers I give you this link to check out the new graphics. It’s nice!

The changes that I’m talking about is that I will be starting a new job in Copenhagen, my wife have started to study medicine and we have recently bought a new house closer to Copenhagen (still in Sweden).

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