Even though I have formally left the IT business, I am doing a short guest appearence as a speaker at the Nordic Scrum Forum 2008 in Stockholm, 24-25 September.

A couple of months ago I was called up and asked if I could give a speech by the project manager of the conference. How did she get my name? Well, appearently she had talked to a lot of experienced project managers during her research for the conference and my name had turned up as someone who had interesting ideas.

Anyway, I gave her a few options of topics that I could talk about, and she said alright to:
Beyond Scrum – Highlighting the Differences Between Scrum and Lean Project Management

I will be talking about my latest Lean findings and ideas on how to apply Lean within project management and software development. Ideas that have been circling around in my head since I tried to introduce Scrum into a couple of large organisations. Scrum works perfect in small teams and projects, but runs into difficulties and resistance when scaling them up throughout the organisation, especially in waterfall organisations. The organisational change can be huge and shouldn’t be ignored.

I think you can get the same benefits as with Scrum, but being more adaptive to the existing organisation, by applying Lean Project Management. I have got a lot of inspiration from David Anderson and his ideas on Kanban boards.

See you there? There is another interesting Scrum event simultaneously in Stockholm: Deep Lean with Poppendiecks,  Sutherland and Kniberg. But you should be able to squeeze both in while you are there anyway. :)

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Hej Jens

Hur gick det på Nordic Scrum? Jag är nyfiken på dina tankar och ditt material. Har du något du kan/vill skicka över? Är du intresserad av Lean-for-Managers så kan vi ju byta lite :) !

Vi har två uppdrag i Köpenhamn under hösten, dels Telia Sonera och Post-oTelestyrelsen så det börjar kanske bli läge för en site i Köpenhamn – vi får se.

Ha det bra – Anders

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