I got some really great feedback from the Nordic Scrum Forum conference in Stockholm about a month ago. I thought I’d share it here:

First I was graded from 1-5 and got the following average:
Performance: 4.11
Contents: 3.96

And then I got the following comments:

  • “Beyond Scrum topic was impressive”
  • “A bit extreme for average companies”
  • “Good presentation”
  • “Great innovative application of LEAN. Good presentation! Good animation!”
  • “Good presenter / Good presenter Interesting theory”
  • “Very interesting!”

I was also asked to come and speak again at another conference in the spring. But let’s see if I can come up with a topic interesting enough. Since I am not in the IT industry anymore I am not collecting any new IT experiences, so either I have to dig into some old experiences or I could speak about Scrum outside the IT industry, since I am actually implementing parts of it here and there. Let’s see.

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